The explosion of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is still going full force with no means to an end.  With the Electric Daisy Carnival grossing 40 million dollars and bringing 320,000 people to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway over the course of 3 days, there is now a  new reason to visit Las Vegas.  Why does this new phenomenon seem so familiar? Well what were once known as raves and Techno music, has now rebranded itself in the form of festivals and EDM.  If you really stop and compare the two you will find that the music is the same, the festivals are filled with freakish amounts of people dressed in funky gogo dancer boots, bright flowers, bra tops , and some other funky attire.  Along with it comes the drugs like ecstasy, now known as Molly, glow sticks and everything else that help enhance your high and let you feel the music even more.  The difference being that raves were often held underground in abandoned warehouses or secret locations because 9 times out of 10 they were illegal.  Festivals such as the Electronic Daisy Festival are legal and draw a crowd bigger than most raves have ever seen.  Add to it the fact that DJs like Skrillex are commanding rock star fees, and succeeding in getting paid them, EDM is a revolution and not just some thrown together rave for misfit teens.  Rebranding this league of music and the “get togethers” has also made it possible for the industry to shed some of the negative attention they gathered from hospitalized kids who were found on littered dance floors from dehydration and too many drugs.  With EDM now being a popular choice of music for many people in all different age brackets and groups, people see this phenomenon as something real, and not necessarily drug oriented.  So much in fact that the Electric Daisy fest is not the only of it’s kind.  Like other genres of music and the different festivals it brings, EDM has a group of festivals all its own.  Ultra, IDentity, and Electric Zoo only name a few of these festivals.  With the LED lighting, spare no expense graphics and visual technology EDM music has made a name for itself and is definitely on the map.  With an ever growing following, what was once thought to be a phase like techno, there is no plans for this type of music going anywhere.  As a matter a fact didn’t we say it’s just techno rebranded?  That means that the die hard fans that were once few and far between have come back bigger and better than ever.  Another point that should be made is that while drugs are prominent on the “rave “ scene, aren’t they prominent on most any music seen if that be the choice?  Rockstars have been known for cocaine and alcohol abuse for years and years, Reggae music has been known for Marijuana use, just as the king of Reggae himself Bob Marley.  Country music? We add more alcohol into the mix as well as a slew of other drugs I’m sure.  The point being here is that everyone favors a type of music that speaks more clearly to them.  Why I may not understand the EDM epidemic or really even enjoy the music that much, isn’t the great thing about music it is allows you freedom to listen and enjoy whatever you find appealing to you.  There is never one right genre nor should there be judgement passed on anyone for what they like.  In the words of the Reggae king Robert Nesta Marley  ‘The great thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain”......Be free my flower children of EDM and rock on!

There have been numerous strong, musical influences throughout time. From Louis Armstrong, Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley, and Madonna, there are many influential artists in a variety of genres. Many of these artists are very well known today and have been part of transforming the music industry and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people.

Every inspirational artist started somewhere. This 'somewhere' could be a backyard, or a cool local spot in your community.....which is why we have this website, to make them known! To let you know where to find places to jam to chill jazz, or heavy rock.

DKings, is a local Arizona company that came from the Hawaiian Islands. They stay true to there roots, and soak up the sounds of the Ukulele and reggae vibes. Kaulana, founder of DKings, sat with me and shared one of his favorite local Hawaiian artists, and one of mine.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Bruddah Iz

Maybe you are familiar with the name, or maybe even a few of his songs. He has been featured in several films, and although an island boy, he had became well known outside of the islands. Bruddah I was, and still is a very influential Hawaiian musician. He incorporated a bit of reggae, jazz, and the softest voice ever, as his is fingers strummed the Ukulele.  When he opened his mouth to sing, his soft soul exposed lyrics that touched the hearts of many.

One of his songs that is very well known, and that really stands out for me is 'Over the Rainbow'. I was fortunate enough to listen to Israel play this among other songs live, before he passed away in the summer of 1997.  If you have not heard this song, or this man, please take a moment and listen to the sound of his music.

There are several Hawaiian artists that have talents yet to be revealed to the world. Much of what they do is for the backyard luau's, family and friends.

The Ukulele, a small guitar like instrument, is an instrument that you will here many people in the islands play. This small stringed 'uke' is a big part of the Hawaiian culture. The culture strongly influences the music and plays a big role in bringing local both on and off the islands together. Kaulana, born and raised on the Big Island lives in Arizona. When he hears Hawaiian music or meets someone that is tuning in to some Hawaiian jams, it warms his soul, as it does for many.

Music is a huge part of making a community. It brings people together, both near and far. Take time and find locals in your area. AND take the time a check out Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole, you will be glad you did.



Perhaps one of the greatest genres of music to have the experience to listen to is that of Jazz.  A blend of notes, tones and African American slavery folk songs, Jazz has a soulful sound and an ear pleasing tone.  Founded among African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century in New Orleans, this music genre has developed into many types and different renditions of styles depending on that of the musician.  One of the most influential figures in Jazz, who helped make it what it is today is that of Louis Armstrong.

Louis was born on August 4, 1901 and would become a well known American trumpeter, composer, singer, and sometimes actor of the 1920s.  With his talent in bending lyrics and melodies to better express himself through his music, he was loved by many.  He was the first African American whose race came second in a time when Racial issues were prominent.  Because of his gravelly voice, and talent to both compose and sing he was well respected as a musician by most.

The summertime of 1922 came and with it brought the offer from King Oliver to come to Chicago and be part of his Jazz quartet.  Louis decided to and in doing so would begin to make a name for himself throughout the music community.  Again with his soulful and unique voice, his amazing trumpet skills, Armstrong was a musically inclined force to be reckoned with.  Coming from a poor childhood in the very worst parts of New Orleans, Louisiana, this was a dream come true.  Not only was Louis doing what he loved, but he was making enough money to support his family and get out of the Ghetto.  As his music career continued to bring new success, Armstrong moved to New York where he would record several solo tracks, as well as perform with many well known and talented Jazz and Blues singers.  His solo performances on tracks such as “ Cornet Chop Suey” and Potato Head Blues” changed the history of jazz completely.  Debuting with his most prized vocal to date in 1926 with “Heebie Jeebies”

Louis Armstrong was a talented musician that pushed the limits of not only Jazz but all types of music.  He was widely talented in numerous genres, and left a legacy to both the jazz, and soul communities.  He will continued to be loved and respected by many far past his own time here on Earth.  With a talent as great as his and the gifts he gave to music we will forever listen to his songs.




We all know how great stepping out to listen to live music is.  There is something about the loud music pulsating up through the floor, vibrating through our bodies and seeing the art of music right before our eyes.  While many would agree that music is great in any form you listen to it, live music is by far the best.  So what if you could incorporate two things you loved as well as be doing something charitable for others?  Introducing the Rock and Roll Marathon series!  Founded in 1998 as a simple event to raise money for charities through the running community, The Rock and Roll Marathon took off like wildfire.  Many people loved the music festival like concert that allowed for participants to listen to live bands through the course of the race.  All while helping to raise money for local charities.  Because of the success of the first race that was held in San Diego, California, the association has added more states to its race courses now totaling a whopping 30 states participating.    

Live bands, energetic volunteers, and cheer teams are laced throughout the 26.2 mile course.  Whether you choose to enjoy all the live bands when participating in the marathon, or just a handful when doing the half marathon or 5k, there is a band for all types of genres.  Upon finishing the course there is a huge headliner concert to celebrate your victory of finishing the race.  

Since the start of this running music festival $310 million dollars has been raised by participants for different charities.  With the music invigorating those volunteering, running the race, or simply spectating it is a rock and roll good time.

Why is it that live music brightens our spirits and puts us in a good mood?  Or why is it that music makes running 26.2 miles that much more enjoyable?  In my opinion speaking from my own love for music, it's because it touches your soul.  Music really gets into your mind, the melody and the beat tune into the mood you are in and the words reflect actual circumstances.  It is easy to get lost in the feelings that music emits.  

Music is a beautiful thing that is one of the simplest of pleasures in life.  Whether it’s a music festival, running event for charities, concert, or simply playing a song on your stereo, get lost in the music and feel the beat, it’s good for you!

Although Dallas wasn't didn't make our list as one of the cities with the best live music scene, it does offer some great places to listen to live tunes. We are heading out that way this weekend to attend a local gathering that will have several artists gathering to share their talents. Bars, restaurants and popular venues aren't the only places to gather to listen to good vibes. Some of the best places to enjoy incredible sounds are off the beaten path.

Once you start heading out places that offer live music and you meet people part of the music scene, any music scene, you hear about places that have live sounds going on. These places would never be known to you, unless you found out through the grapevine.

I look at that in 2 ways. Awesome for the intimacy that a smaller gathering offers, and not so ideal for the artists that want more people to hear them. So I thought that I would share a 'place you don't know' that will be offering up some good times this weekend.

Our good friend Lukas, an amazing guitarist, is hosting Wrap Sounds at his vinyl shop (day job), Phantom Wrapz in Lewisville, a Dallas Suburb. Wrap Sounds will bring together cars and music. This large outdoor gathering will include several local Dallas artists, and those that want to display their car or cars. Phantom Wrapz offers vehicle wraps. So many people Luke is in the know with, have some crazy cool cars. Luke said what people want to do with their cars is a form of art, so his bringing the two together.

We are excited to check it out.

If you would like to attend, please email They will send you info on location and time.

Wrap Sounds 

Saturday, February 4, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Some of the Line Up:

...continue reading

One of the greatest things about music, well besides just listening to it, is the different festivals that are attributed to it.  There are Reggae festivals, Country music festivals, heck what about Woodstock?! No matter the time of year or where you may be there are always music festivals to be found.  One of the biggest festivals attributed to music and also one of the most coveted is none other than Coachella! Coachella is somewhat like the WoodStock of this generation.  The difference being that Woodstock only took place one weekend, one time.  Coachella on the other hand is an annual music and arts festival that began in 1999, and is held in Indio, California in none other than Coachella Valley. The great thing about this annual music and arts fest is that it attracts all types of people that like all different genres of music.  With many stages set up throughout the festival grounds there is always live music being played ranging from, indie, rock, hip hop, and EDM(electronic dance music) genres to name a few.  Complementing the music is art, and sculptures to be viewed and purchased.  When Coachella first started it was hosted as a two day festival.  Over the years it has changed and officially become a 3 day festival as of 2007.  Many camp on site or stay at surrounding hotels, and residences while attending this awesome venue.  Whether you choose to participate in just one day or all three one thing remains the same, this is a music festival worth going too.  From celebrities, to teens, to music lovers in their 70s there is no age discrimination.  The one thing that will remain true as long as this festival is around is that anyone that has a love for music is welcome.  With 2015 showing a record of 198,000 tickets sold and bringing in a revenue of 84.3 million dollars we don,t think there will ever be a problem with attendance.  With Coachella showcasing both well known and established artist as well as those up and coming there is all kinds of talent both old and new.  Tickets go on sale by way of a count down and are available on line.  Because of the high demand for these tickets you have to be quick and get them as soon as they are made available to the public.  Although a bit spendy at $400 for the entire 3 days, for those that are true music lovers, the price is well worth it.  It is definitely an experience you will not forget.  Many start planning for this Cali music fest a year in advance.  Being able to attend and experience Coachella dn all the great music and art that is offered is in high demand and many do not care the expense it costs.  So music lovers old and new, gather a group of friends, get ready to grab those tickets when they go on sale, and get ready for the best music festival of this time!  Enjoy Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert and let the soulful tunes get you groovin for this exquisite three day weekend.  We don’t think you will be disappointed at all!

Listening to live music no doubt is by far one of the better experiences in life. You can feel the sound of the music and experience it real form. However, on a Monday, at 12 pm, most of are at work, or in the middle of our day. That means finding a live gig is probably not what' happening. This fine Monday, we deliver to you an incredible guitar loop. Whether you love punk, metal, soul, indie, or pop, the sound you will hear on this video will put you in a good grove. Let stresses be still for a few minutes. Find some headphones, out them on, and sit back and experience the sound of music.

Personally this piece is one of my goto's. It's filled with enough to reach me though the digital device I listen from. Imagine listening life....might just throw you into the next realm.


We wanted something to encourage aspiring musical artists, well known musical artists, and the spaces that bring them forward.  Have you ever wanted a chill spot to finish off the week or weekend with? A place to enjoy a little live music, good company, a frosty beer and even some great grub? We know all to well. Although you can "google" where to listen to live music, we thought we'd bring it to you. We are hear to let you know of the local spots that host live music for your ears to hear. Whether it's jazz or metal, we will explore them ALL. You can peruse our site and check out where to listen in your area, as well as upcoming festivals, and a little buzz feed on the music scene.

Know of a place we haven't mentioned? We encourage you to speak and send us a note...doesn't have to be a musical note....a chipper email will do the trick. Keep us informed so that we can keep you informed.

From house music to solo guitarists, find your Sounds on Sunday. Our goal is to deliver sounds for all souls.

Being there are so many places in the U.S. alone, where will we start! We are just again, as we build out this awesome site as the place to find live tunes to jam or chill too, we encourage your feedback.

Best Cities for the Soul (best live music scene)

Music has been around a loooong time. Cities play a special role in helping to shape the culture of their city as well as the music scene. So who are there and what is there? Let's give you the low down on the top 5 cities that drive the music scene.

  1. Austin, Texas - The formidable music city -you can find all kinds of music, all kinds of places, and at all times of the day in Texas. Austin bars, large music venues, nor the annual SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival are the only places to let osund penetrate your ears. You will find live music in coffee houses, grocery stores, and on street corners.
  2. Nashville, Tennessee - Whooda thunk..right? So maybe you knew Nashville woudl make the list, but do you know that they have quiet the variety out there. If your thinking it's country and guitars, you wrong. Nashville is home to wide range of genres, as well as some well some of the top musicians from all kinds of backgrounds.
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana- Yep they made the list too, which is kinda obvious.  I think New Orleans delivers some down right authentic live music...of all sorts.
  4.  Seattle, Washington- We had to move up the pacific northwest and hit up Seattle. A healthy mix of music and great places to chill out or pump and hear some solid sounds, Seattle is still up and coming. We placed them on our list because we think they can pull through.
  5. Los Angeles, California. Known for their film industry, this wide awake city is also know for their music industry. From underground to lax reggae fusion, LA delivers.

There are so many other incredible cities that have created their culture and shaped who they are from music. Although we named just five, understand that there are many more.