One of the greatest things about music, well besides just listening to it, is the different festivals that are attributed to it.  There are Reggae festivals, Country music festivals, heck what about Woodstock?! No matter the time of year or where you may be there are always music festivals to be found.  One of the biggest festivals attributed to music and also one of the most coveted is none other than Coachella! Coachella is somewhat like the WoodStock of this generation.  The difference being that Woodstock only took place one weekend, one time.  Coachella on the other hand is an annual music and arts festival that began in 1999, and is held in Indio, California in none other than Coachella Valley. The great thing about this annual music and arts fest is that it attracts all types of people that like all different genres of music.  With many stages set up throughout the festival grounds there is always live music being played ranging from, indie, rock, hip hop, and EDM(electronic dance music) genres to name a few.  Complementing the music is art, and sculptures to be viewed and purchased.  When Coachella first started it was hosted as a two day festival.  Over the years it has changed and officially become a 3 day festival as of 2007.  Many camp on site or stay at surrounding hotels, and residences while attending this awesome venue.  Whether you choose to participate in just one day or all three one thing remains the same, this is a music festival worth going too.  From celebrities, to teens, to music lovers in their 70s there is no age discrimination.  The one thing that will remain true as long as this festival is around is that anyone that has a love for music is welcome.  With 2015 showing a record of 198,000 tickets sold and bringing in a revenue of 84.3 million dollars we don,t think there will ever be a problem with attendance.  With Coachella showcasing both well known and established artist as well as those up and coming there is all kinds of talent both old and new.  Tickets go on sale by way of a count down and are available on line.  Because of the high demand for these tickets you have to be quick and get them as soon as they are made available to the public.  Although a bit spendy at $400 for the entire 3 days, for those that are true music lovers, the price is well worth it.  It is definitely an experience you will not forget.  Many start planning for this Cali music fest a year in advance.  Being able to attend and experience Coachella dn all the great music and art that is offered is in high demand and many do not care the expense it costs.  So music lovers old and new, gather a group of friends, get ready to grab those tickets when they go on sale, and get ready for the best music festival of this time!  Enjoy Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert and let the soulful tunes get you groovin for this exquisite three day weekend.  We don’t think you will be disappointed at all!