Cultural Music

There have been numerous strong, musical influences throughout time. From Louis Armstrong, Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley, and Madonna, there are many influential artists in a variety of genres. Many of these artists are very well known today and have been part of transforming the music industry and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people.

Every inspirational artist started somewhere. This 'somewhere' could be a backyard, or a cool local spot in your community.....which is why we have this website, to make them known! To let you know where to find places to jam to chill jazz, or heavy rock.

DKings, is a local Arizona company that came from the Hawaiian Islands. They stay true to there roots, and soak up the sounds of the Ukulele and reggae vibes. Kaulana, founder of DKings Home Renovations, sat with me and shared one of his favorite local Hawaiian artists, and one of mine.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Bruddah Iz

Maybe you are familiar with the name, or maybe even a few of his songs. He has been featured in several films, and although an island boy, he had became well known outside of the islands. Bruddah I was, and still is a very influential Hawaiian musician. He incorporated a bit of reggae, jazz, and the softest voice ever, as his is fingers strummed the Ukulele.  When he opened his mouth to sing, his soft soul exposed lyrics that touched the hearts of many.

One of his songs that is very well known, and that really stands out for me is 'Over the Rainbow'. I was fortunate enough to listen to Israel play this among other songs live, before he passed away in the summer of 1997.  If you have not heard this song, or this man, please take a moment and listen to the sound of his music.

There are several Hawaiian artists that have talents yet to be revealed to the world. Much of what they do is for the backyard luau's, family and friends.

The Ukulele, a small guitar like instrument, is an instrument that you will here many people in the islands play. This small stringed 'uke' is a big part of the Hawaiian culture. The culture strongly influences the music and plays a big role in bringing local both on and off the islands together. Kaulana, born and raised on the Big Island lives in Arizona. When he hears Hawaiian music or meets someone that is tuning in to some Hawaiian jams, it warms his soul, as it does for many.

Music is a huge part of making a community. It brings people together, both near and far. Take time and find locals in your area. AND take the time a check out Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole, you will be glad you did.