Dallas Jams

Although Dallas wasn't didn't make our list as one of the cities with the best live music scene, it does offer some great places to listen to live tunes. We are heading out that way this weekend to attend a local gathering that will have several artists gathering to share their talents. Bars, restaurants and popular venues aren't the only places to gather to listen to good vibes. Some of the best places to enjoy incredible sounds are off the beaten path.

Once you start heading out places that offer live music and you meet people part of the music scene, any music scene, you hear about places that have live sounds going on. These places would never be known to you, unless you found out through the grapevine.

I look at that in 2 ways. Awesome for the intimacy that a smaller gathering offers, and not so ideal for the artists that want more people to hear them. So I thought that I would share a 'place you don't know' that will be offering up some good times this weekend.

Our good friend Lukas, an amazing guitarist, is hosting Wrap Sounds at his vinyl shop (day job), Phantom Wrapz in Lewisville, a Dallas Suburb. Wrap Sounds will bring together cars and music. This large outdoor gathering will include several local Dallas artists, and those that want to display their car or cars. Phantom Wrapz offers vehicle wraps. So many people Luke is in the know with, have some crazy cool cars. Luke said what people want to do with their cars is a form of art, so his bringing the two together.

We are excited to check it out.

If you would like to attend, please email wrapsounds@yahoo.com. They will send you info on location and time.

Wrap Sounds 

Saturday, February 4, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Some of the Line Up:

Zilla- From Hawaii originally, Zilla's music is  bit of trap and reggae. The guy is extremely talented and under exposed

Nesa Duo- This husband and wife duo will hypnotize you. Nellie plays the banjo, and offers background lyrics. Sal plays the guitar and sings.  Indie meets country, meets soul is the best way to describe their mix.

Jampak'd- A well suited name for the 3 guys that make up this newly emerged band. They do a lot in what they do, and they do it well. It's heavy with soul.

Lamb- The woman is a flutist. All she does is play the flute. Often she will have a guy with her that will create gong vibrations along with her. Sometimes she leaves him home. Either way, whether she is solo or not, the peace that is displayed is not describable in words. You must experience. The guy who works the gong (sorry I don't know his name) is spot on, so I hope he is there.

I believer there will be a few others, I am just not familiar with them. Should be a pretty incredible night. Come in peace and come to experience.