Jazz & Louis Armstrong

Perhaps one of the greatest genres of music to have the experience to listen to is that of Jazz.  A blend of notes, tones and African American slavery folk songs, Jazz has a soulful sound and an ear pleasing tone.  Founded among African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century in New Orleans, this music genre has developed into many types and different renditions of styles depending on that of the musician.  One of the most influential figures in Jazz, who helped make it what it is today is that of Louis Armstrong.

Louis was born on August 4, 1901 and would become a well known American trumpeter, composer, singer, and sometimes actor of the 1920s.  With his talent in bending lyrics and melodies to better express himself through his music, he was loved by many.  He was the first African American whose race came second in a time when Racial issues were prominent.  Because of his gravelly voice, and talent to both compose and sing he was well respected as a musician by most.

The summertime of 1922 came and with it brought the offer from King Oliver to come to Chicago and be part of his Jazz quartet.  Louis decided to and in doing so would begin to make a name for himself throughout the music community.  Again with his soulful and unique voice, his amazing trumpet skills, Armstrong was a musically inclined force to be reckoned with.  Coming from a poor childhood in the very worst parts of New Orleans, Louisiana, this was a dream come true.  Not only was Louis doing what he loved, but he was making enough money to support his family and get out of the Ghetto.  As his music career continued to bring new success, Armstrong moved to New York where he would record several solo tracks, as well as perform with many well known and talented Jazz and Blues singers.  His solo performances on tracks such as “ Cornet Chop Suey” and Potato Head Blues” changed the history of jazz completely.  Debuting with his most prized vocal to date in 1926 with “Heebie Jeebies”

Louis Armstrong was a talented musician that pushed the limits of not only Jazz but all types of music.  He was widely talented in numerous genres, and left a legacy to both the jazz, and soul communities.  He will continued to be loved and respected by many far past his own time here on Earth.  With a talent as great as his and the gifts he gave to music we will forever listen to his songs.