McDowell Mountain Music Festival 100% Non-Profit

McDowell Mountain Music Festival also known as M3F is a 100% non-profit music festival that first came to life in 2004.  With its 3 C beliefs, Community, Culture, and Charity this festival is dedicated to the local people and causes throughout Arizona.  Celebrating its 15th year this year it has grown immensely since its early 2000 beginnings.  With some of the top performing artists such as Kid Cudi, The Roots, & Slightly Stoopid playing at M3F over the years, the festival has become known and loved among festival lovers.   In fact since its 2004 beginning festival proceeds of a little over a million dollars have been donated to local non-profit organizations and charities throughout Arizona.  Last years 2017 festival donated $150,000 to local charities making it the biggest year yet!! This years March 2-4 festival ticket sales are expected to exceed last year’s sales and hopefully will make it another record breaking year of donations!

The festival lovers out there that may not know completely of this festival are probably wondering about ticket prices and amenities!  Well we have good news!  There are a variety of different tickets available.  First you can choose between single day passes or a 3 day pass which will give you access through the festivals entirety. Next you may choose between general admission or VIP.  VIP access comes with some pretty sweet benefits which include meals, snacks, complimentary chair massages, 5 beers or mixed drinks, access to the VIP Poser deck, Private bathrooms, VIP exclusive entrance and valet parking.  The great thing is if you buy a 3 day VIP pass you get ALL of this each day you attend!    For those that wish to do only general admission there will be food trucks available for all diets.  This means there are vegetarian and gluten free options available!  I think that the people behind this festival really know how to put on a great show! Also,the festival is family friendly and for all age groups.  In fact, kids 10 and under are given free admission!

Music festivals are a lot of fun to attend and it’s always great to be able to enjoy a variety of musicians all in one place and LIVE!  What stands out for us regarding M3F is the fact that this festival was established to help local charities and that not some but ALL of the profits are donated every year.  Music is one of life's better gifts, it has the ability to heal, to speak to people as well as create an outlet for creative juices and feelings.  The fact that an entire music festival proceeds can go to continue to help people in all walks of life just makes it that more touching.  Not to mention the attendees of McDowell Mountain Music Festival can enjoy themselves even more with the knowledge that the purchase of their passes are doing something great for the communities of their state! We applaud you M3F and wish you a very prosperous record breaking festival this year! Cheers to music and charity!