Music And Pools….That’s My Jam!

Spring time is fast approaching and with it comes BBQ’s, pool parties, friends and family, fun and laughter.  Let’s also not forget the good music that is associated with it all. I myself, love having spring get togethers with the music cranked up and plenty of food, drinks and lounging around the pool.  Since moving to Avondale here in Arizona about 5 years ago, I quickly learned the important aspect of having a pool in this desert state.  Not only is it beneficial during the horrid heat months, it also serves as a huge part of my social life. Speaking of which, recently I just had my pool deck resurfaced by New Look Kool Deck.  it came out amazing and helped update the look of my back yard as well as add a little bit more polish and class to my property.  With this revamp to my pool, I’ve decided to throw my very first, Sunday Funday Pool Jam!

 Think music, lights, food, drinks, a bunch of friends and what is going to be one awesome party!  I am going all out and making sure this Sunday Fest is top notch.  So much so that after having my pool deck done I decided to make a few more upgrades to my house and backyard.  I took the liberty of adding surround sound speakers, installed in the ceiling of my covered patio as well as in two of the walls within the patio space.  We are having lighting erected and placed around the pool shining a little light on my awesomely renovated pool deck!  Another plus that adds to the entire atmosphere is the outdoor pizza oven that actually came with my house.  Think wood fired pizza, with fresh mozzarella, basil from my garden and organic Roma tomatoes.

   What started off as just another ordinary Sunday get together has quickly escalated into the Sunday Funday Pool Jam.  After telling my circle of friends about the idea they are beyond ecstatic.  With musicians in the group, the live music aspect will also be off the charts.  Groovin and Movin on a Sunday afternoon!!!  Arizona may be hot in the summer, and when  we say hot we mean close to jumping into a volcano hot.  Springtime however is amazing!  Crisp, sunny afternoons, with a light breeze, a blue sky void of any clouds, and there is even a certain Arizona smell to the air.  With so many other festivals going on, like the Renaissance Festival, and what about McDowell Mountain Music Festival, showcasing up and coming local and non local artists, some even having already made a name for themselves.  My Sunday Pool Jam is an addition to these Spring time favorites all from the comforts of my own back yard!!!  

My advice to music lovers near and far, and actually anybody who is down to have a great time, think about having your own Pool Jam.  It doesn't have to be a Sunday, if you don’t have a pool you can still have a great time in your backyard.  If you do have a pool and need a revamp I proudly suggest using New Look Kool Deck!  After all without them the Sunday Funday Pool Jam may have never been brought to life.  Now that it has it will be our new Springtime tradition for years to come!  Movin and Groovin on a Sunday afternoon!!!!