New Year New Sounds

We wanted something to encourage aspiring musical artists, well known musical artists, and the spaces that bring them forward.  Have you ever wanted a chill spot to finish off the week or weekend with? A place to enjoy a little live music, good company, a frosty beer and even some great grub? We know all to well. Although you can "google" where to listen to live music, we thought we'd bring it to you. We are hear to let you know of the local spots that host live music for your ears to hear. Whether it's jazz or metal, we will explore them ALL. You can peruse our site and check out where to listen in your area, as well as upcoming festivals, and a little buzz feed on the music scene.

Know of a place we haven't mentioned? We encourage you to speak and send us a note...doesn't have to be a musical note....a chipper email will do the trick. Keep us informed so that we can keep you informed.

From house music to solo guitarists, find your Sounds on Sunday. Our goal is to deliver sounds for all souls.

Being there are so many places in the U.S. alone, where will we start! We are just again, as we build out this awesome site as the place to find live tunes to jam or chill too, we encourage your feedback.

Best Cities for the Soul (best live music scene)

Music has been around a loooong time. Cities play a special role in helping to shape the culture of their city as well as the music scene. So who are there and what is there? Let's give you the low down on the top 5 cities that drive the music scene.

  1. Austin, Texas - The formidable music city -you can find all kinds of music, all kinds of places, and at all times of the day in Texas. Austin bars, large music venues, nor the annual SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival are the only places to let osund penetrate your ears. You will find live music in coffee houses, grocery stores, and on street corners.
  2. Nashville, Tennessee - Whooda thunk..right? So maybe you knew Nashville woudl make the list, but do you know that they have quiet the variety out there. If your thinking it's country and guitars, you wrong. Nashville is home to wide range of genres, as well as some well some of the top musicians from all kinds of backgrounds.
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana- Yep they made the list too, which is kinda obvious.  I think New Orleans delivers some down right authentic live music...of all sorts.
  4.  Seattle, Washington- We had to move up the pacific northwest and hit up Seattle. A healthy mix of music and great places to chill out or pump and hear some solid sounds, Seattle is still up and coming. We placed them on our list because we think they can pull through.
  5. Los Angeles, California. Known for their film industry, this wide awake city is also know for their music industry. From underground to lax reggae fusion, LA delivers.

There are so many other incredible cities that have created their culture and shaped who they are from music. Although we named just five, understand that there are many more.