Rock And Roll….

We all know how great stepping out to listen to live music is.  There is something about the loud music pulsating up through the floor, vibrating through our bodies and seeing the art of music right before our eyes.  While many would agree that music is great in any form you listen to it, live music is by far the best.  So what if you could incorporate two things you loved as well as be doing something charitable for others?  Introducing the Rock and Roll Marathon series!  Founded in 1998 as a simple event to raise money for charities through the running community, The Rock and Roll Marathon took off like wildfire.  Many people loved the music festival like concert that allowed for participants to listen to live bands through the course of the race.  All while helping to raise money for local charities.  Because of the success of the first race that was held in San Diego, California, the association has added more states to its race courses now totaling a whopping 30 states participating.    

Live bands, energetic volunteers, and cheer teams are laced throughout the 26.2 mile course.  Whether you choose to enjoy all the live bands when participating in the marathon, or just a handful when doing the half marathon or 5k, there is a band for all types of genres.  Upon finishing the course there is a huge headliner concert to celebrate your victory of finishing the race.  

Since the start of this running music festival $310 million dollars has been raised by participants for different charities.  With the music invigorating those volunteering, running the race, or simply spectating it is a rock and roll good time.

Why is it that live music brightens our spirits and puts us in a good mood?  Or why is it that music makes running 26.2 miles that much more enjoyable?  In my opinion speaking from my own love for music, it's because it touches your soul.  Music really gets into your mind, the melody and the beat tune into the mood you are in and the words reflect actual circumstances.  It is easy to get lost in the feelings that music emits.  

Music is a beautiful thing that is one of the simplest of pleasures in life.  Whether it’s a music festival, running event for charities, concert, or simply playing a song on your stereo, get lost in the music and feel the beat, it’s good for you!