The Disaster Known As Fyre Music Festival!

Avid and even those not so avid festival goers all around probably know of the disastrous and extreme fail of a music festival “Fyre Music Festival”  For those of you who don’t or those that simply want a little more light shed on what really happened we have some great details to share. Rewind to the beginning of last year.  Billy Mcfarland who owned Frye Media LLC, sought investors to invest in him and his company to put on “More Than Just a music festival”. He along with Ja Rule (a once celebrated rapper) proposed this would be the music festival of all music festivals.  Their music festival known as Fyre Music Festival would be held on a private island in the Bahamas.  They promised that festival goers would have luxurious accommodations, gourmet meals provided by a 5 star chef and catering company, live music by well known and famous artists, mingling with celebrities, and an incredible time at one of the best ever music festivals.  Festival goers in return would pay anywhere from $450 dollars to $250,000 dollars per ticket.  Seems like a dream right? incredibly wrong were those words to describe this disastrous music festival.

  Excited festival goers started arriving on to Exumas a private island in a chain off the coast of the Bahamas.  Instead of the luxurious accommodations they were promised they found disaster relief tents dotted along the beach serving as luxurious accommodations.

 Next instead of the gourmet meals they were promised they received 2 pieces of bread with a couple slices of cold cheese and a makeshift salad consisting of some lettuce an unknown dressing and a tomato slice.  But that was just part of the disappointment.  Half the time attendees had no idea what was coming next and were sitting in the pitch black because no lights were on!  One of the biggest headliners, Blink 182 pulled out of the concerte(maybe they had great intuition) and festival goers were left short.  Finally as a last ditch effort Ja Rule and Mcfarland issued a statement that they were deeply sorry for the distaterous and disappointing turn of events and were just trying to get everyone safely off the island.  The U.S. Attorney's office however was not about to let this type of fraud go!  They charged Rule an Mcfarland with a premeditated scheme to defraud people.  Although both Mcfarland and Ja Rule issued statements saying that this was not their intention at all and they were working to refund people their money, the  U.S. Attorney's office still wasn't ok with this.  Further digging revealed that Mcfarland had falsely represented his financial status and that he had in fact doctored financial statements and paperwork to reflect his lies. It is safe to say that both Ja Rule and Billy Mcfarland are in a lot of trouble and will be held accountable for their deceiving actions.

Although most music festivals are well known, it is always a gamble taking a chance on one that promises a lot and has never really been heard of.  Do your research people and weigh your pro’s and con’s. While music festivals are supposed to be amazing and fun there are definitely people even once famous artists who are money hungry and will deceive you.