The EDM Epidemic


The explosion of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is still going full force with no means to an end.  With the Electric Daisy Carnival grossing 40 million dollars and bringing 320,000 people to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway over the course of 3 days, there is now a  new reason to visit Las Vegas.  Why does this new phenomenon seem so familiar? Well what were once known as raves and Techno music, has now rebranded itself in the form of festivals and EDM.  If you really stop and compare the two you will find that the music is the same, the festivals are filled with freakish amounts of people dressed in funky gogo dancer boots, bright flowers, bra tops , and some other funky attire.  Along with it comes the drugs like ecstasy, now known as Molly, glow sticks and everything else that help enhance your high and let you feel the music even more.  The difference being that raves were often held underground in abandoned warehouses or secret locations because 9 times out of 10 they were illegal.  Festivals such as the Electronic Daisy Festival are legal and draw a crowd bigger than most raves have ever seen.  Add to it the fact that DJs like Skrillex are commanding rock star fees, and succeeding in getting paid them, EDM is a revolution and not just some thrown together rave for misfit teens.  Rebranding this league of music and the “get togethers” has also made it possible for the industry to shed some of the negative attention they gathered from hospitalized kids who were found on littered dance floors from dehydration and too many drugs.  With EDM now being a popular choice of music for many people in all different age brackets and groups, people see this phenomenon as something real, and not necessarily drug oriented.  So much in fact that the Electric Daisy fest is not the only of it’s kind.  Like other genres of music and the different festivals it brings, EDM has a group of festivals all its own.  Ultra, IDentity, and Electric Zoo only name a few of these festivals.  With the LED lighting, spare no expense graphics and visual technology EDM music has made a name for itself and is definitely on the map.  With an ever growing following, what was once thought to be a phase like techno, there is no plans for this type of music going anywhere.  As a matter a fact didn’t we say it’s just techno rebranded?  That means that the die hard fans that were once few and far between have come back bigger and better than ever.  Another point that should be made is that while drugs are prominent on the “rave “ scene, aren’t they prominent on most any music seen if that be the choice?  Rockstars have been known for cocaine and alcohol abuse for years and years, Reggae music has been known for Marijuana use, just as the king of Reggae himself Bob Marley.  Country music? We add more alcohol into the mix as well as a slew of other drugs I’m sure.  The point being here is that everyone favors a type of music that speaks more clearly to them.  Why I may not understand the EDM epidemic or really even enjoy the music that much, isn’t the great thing about music it is allows you freedom to listen and enjoy whatever you find appealing to you.  There is never one right genre nor should there be judgement passed on anyone for what they like.  In the words of the Reggae king Robert Nesta Marley  ‘The great thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain”......Be free my flower children of EDM and rock on!