“The Power Of Music Man”

I went to one of the best parties I have ever been to at a home of a friend of mine this past weekend.  Everything was perfect, from the food to the atmosphere and the incredible band that he had hired to play.  Austin, my friend hosting the party, and I had met probably 20 sum years ago when we played in the same garage rock band.  His love for drumming was like the love I had for guitar.  We became friends instantly and often practiced on our own together frequently.  Fast forward to the present and our rock band had long ago broken up and went their separate ways.  Some of us had gotten married and started families.  A few of us still were chasing our rock star dreams and music was life. And then there was myself and Austin.  We both are not married and don’t have children.  We have done well for ourselves and we still love music, however it’s more of a hobby rather than a priority.  We still were the best of friends and we still practiced the drums and guitar for a bit when we got together. Austin was just an great friend and probably the most laid back guy you could ever meet. He just didn’t let things get to him and stress him out.  He once told me that was why he loved music so much, because it was fluid and juts carried you. So this is what is bringing me to my hilarious story that I am about to share with you readers!  We will laugh for many years to come!

 At Austins party as I wa saying he had made everything amazing.  The food was great, the band, the lights, the atmosphere.  The only problem was the plumbing! And a problem it was!  One of his pipes burst and water flooded the living room area.  The band was set up on a makeshift stage in the living room(huge house) and their speaker shorted because of the water flooding their electrical cords.  Everyone was in a panic and were scrambling about trying to grab towels to mop everything up and help the band.  Austin however burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. He called a plumbing company on speed dial and told his guests we should move out to the patio while things were cleaned up.  He assured the band that he would take care of the cost of any equipment and if they could still play without their speaker.  Incredulously I asked him if he was still going to continue on with the party.  He gave me a nod and said, “Just vibe to the music man” and went about getting his guests settled and cleaning up the area.  Leave it to Austin to find the humor in this disastrous situation.  I looked around and this guy had done

extremely well for himself. He lived in a gated community on the side of South Mountain in the FootHills of Phoenix, he had an enormously beautiful home, and he just was still the same guy that all those years ago played in a wannabe rock band in someones dingy garage. Austin was simply one of those people that just understood life and didn’t take anything too seriously.  He loved music and just was as fluid as his favorite song.  What a thing to be!  I grabbed some towels and followed the beat of music into the house and sang along to the song being played as I mopped up the water.  My love for music had made me one of the greatest friends I could ever have and reminded me to flow with life just like the fluidity of music! The power of music man!